Our stories are powerful, they serve to connect people and provide the best opportunity for reflection and growth. I love to hear people's stories, to use their past experiences to build a better tomorrow.
Experience has taught me that purpose driven leadership can change businesses, lives and communities, and for that reason I created Leaders Change Room. My aim is always the same, support you to be your best and have an extraordinary impact. I love to understand challenges and solve problems, the bigger the better because I know that anything is possible. 
Leaders Change Room is the culmination of over 25 years experience working with businesses and leaders across a range of sectors and professions. Support is designed to incorporate neuroscience, change management, leadership theory and practice, entrepreneurship, planning, action learning and coaching. I keep it simple, focus on taking action and am guided by you and your needs.
I am proud to say that Leaders Change Room is regionally based and can support you no matter where you are. Businesses and communities are changing and Leaders Change Room is here to ensure that we make the most of it.

Providing an EPIC experience, led by principles:

Encouraging - with a belief that anything is possible and every challenge can be overcome, I will inspire you with courage, spirit and confidence.

Persistent - providing accountability and support no matter how tough it gets, I will be strong and kind to hold you above the line.

Integrity - delivering on promises and doing only what is right, I will always be reliable and honest.

Curious - genuinely seeking to understand what is happening and why, I will ask the questions you need to be asked so you can grow. 


Hi I'm Justine Maree Cox. At Leaders Change Room we partner with people to grow strong and kind leadership that inspires the best in us. It's where business owners, manager, leaders and supervisors can come to share challenges, learn, practice new skills, be supported and put that knowledge into action.


I believe that purpose driven leadership creates a better tomorrow, I love to solve problems and am focused on helping people to be at their best doing what they love. Taking the complexity and frustration out of managing and leading people.

Learn more about me and my experience here


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