Build trust, relationships, and a collaborative approach to leadership at your organisation through workshops, group coaching, and support for your entire team

Support for Leadership Teams

Supporting your new and developing leaders to create better relationships, improve results, have increase confidence, and have more fun through online learning and 1:1 coaching.

Support for Individual Leaders


The Sandpit Strategy is the roadmap to leadership success.

The Sandpit Strategy unlocks the potential of your team by focusing your time and energy on the things that matter and get results. It helps managers shift the focus from task to trust and relationships, reducing overwhelm and achieving more with the time they have.

 The approach is centred around three core elements:

  • Being the best YOU more often
  • Placing the best PEOPLE in the best role for them
  • Creating the best ENVIRONMENT so your people can be at their best more often

The Sandpit Strategy is the foundation of all of our leadership programs. 

"We have seen first hand the benefits of the program with our leaders having stronger engagement with their teams, improved relationships across the organisation and confidence in dealing with people issues as they arise. Working with Justine has been a worthwhile investment for our leaders as we strive to develop our leadership capabilities and build a leadership team who look after our greatest asset, our people."

Emma, HR Manager RFCS NSW

Invest In Your Leaders


Support for your team of Leaders

  • The Sandpit Strategy -¬†Introduction to our signature approach to successful leadership.

  • Face-to-face and virtual - Half, 1, and 2 day programs¬†

  • Group coaching calls¬†to accelerate transformation and build stronger team connections

  • Customised programs to meet you and your team where you are at

  • Leadership and group behaviour tools by Human Synergistics¬†
  • Why and What - Creating a shared understanding of the role and purpose of a Leader

  • ¬†Raise Individual Awareness - Supporting leaders to better understand themselves, how they show up and the impact they have on others

  • ¬†Work on We - Identifying current team norms and exploring ways to improve connection, sense of community, and results, harnessing the power of your horizontal leadership team

  • Build stronger relationships based on trust, mutual respect, and accountability¬†

  • Grow¬†Achievement Focus - Creating shared accountability and ownership for overall team effectiveness, goals and influence



Coaching for developing and experienced leaders

  • Leadership Lift is our signature online group coaching program that provides your leaders with the skills and habits required to be successful
  • 1:1 coaching for new, developing, and experienced managers and leaders
  • Accountability check-ins to keep your leaders on track and moving toward their goals
  • Weekly experiments¬†and action prompts to support implementation
  • Amplified learning content¬†- curated recommendations (Ted Talks, podcasts, articles and worksheets)
  • Personalised Action Plan
  • Strengths Profile by Cappfinity
  • Raise Self-Awareness:¬†Leaders gain a deeper understanding of their strengths, values, and leadership style.
  • Work on What:¬†Develop and refine essential skills¬† communication, decision-making, emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, and delegation.
  • Build Confidence and Empowerment:¬†Boost confidence and empower them to take on challenges and lead with conviction.
  • Proactively Manage Wellbeing:¬†Manage stress, be resilient, get organised, and prevent burnout.

"I was immediately able to apply concepts learnt the very next day at work. This reinforces to me that I understood what was being delivered and have already reflected on areas I can improve for the team I am so fortunate to lead."

Rachael Paton, John Hunter Hospital



Justine is a leadership specialist with 20+ years experience working across both the not-for-profit and commercial sectors. Having led small and large teams both centralised and geographically dispersed, Justine understands that leadership is about relationships and trust.

Following a number of executive roles Justine started Leaders Change Room where strength and kindness are the hero's of change. Justine has a knack for simplifying the complex and asking questions that shift people. 

Justine has helped hundreds of leaders, understand themselves better, build trusting relationships and successfully lead without the overwhelm that leading people can have on your time, energy, and stress levels 

Justine lives in a small coastal community on the Australian South East Coast and from there helps SME Managers, Leaders, and HR to unlock their leadership potential and create high-performing teams no one wants to leave.


"I was successful as the Surgical Services Administration manager at the John Hunter Hospital. With everything that I have learnt in your Leadership program and through our coaching, I have found a newfound confidence in myself and I now know I am going to be the best Manager and create a legacy with this amazing opportunity"

Georgie Smedley, Senior Recruitment Officer, John Hunter Hospital