Double your chances of business success

January 8, 2018

What is the one thing that can double your chances of business success? It does not rely on others, you don't need any special skills and you can do it from the comfort of your own lounge room, glass of vino in hand.


Create your own plan. 


I can almost hear the groans now, but bear with me because business planning can be simple and more than likely you are already doing much of it.


Do you have a reason for starting your business? Have you ever pondered what's happening in your business now and where you would like it to be next month or next year? How about your clients (current and potential), how many times do you think about them? Do you sometimes consider what your competitors are up to?  Seems you have been doing some business planning, now all we need to do is get you to write a few things down, put some actions in place, and schedule time each month to look over it, check-in on how you are going and adjust where necessary.


Business planning is one thing that successful business owners and leaders do, but you don't have to take my word for it. Check out this short article


This year I want to bring the benefits of business planning to as many SME business owners and leaders as possible. So to get you started here are 4 simple steps.


1. KNOW YOUR WHY - Our buying decisions (like all decisions) are made with our limbic system which is emotionally based. Before you do anything else, put into words why you started your business. How does it make you feel and how do you want it to make others feel? How will the world be a little better because your business was here? Your why is the unique combination of your contribution and the impact that contribution has on others, and connecting people to your business through your why will create loyal and raving fans.


2. DEFINE WHO YOU SERVE - This may sound simple but so many of the business leaders I work with are not clear on who their ideal client/customer is. In an effort to attract more people they try to speak to everyone which only results in talking to no one. It is crowded out there but if you are specific and you tailor your solutions and messages to a clearly defined person then they are more likely to understand you are talking to them. You cannot serve them if you don't know them!


3. UNDERSTAND WHERE YOU ARE NOW AND WHERE YOU ARE GOING - Start by celebrating your wins and understanding the lessons you have learnt. Next take a look outside your business and observe what is happening and how it might be impacting your business. Ask for some feedback and be honest about where your business is now. Then it's time to dream, what do you want your business to look and feel like this time next year? Don't forget to be specific, you need to know exactly where you are and where you are going.


4. GET CREATIVE WITH STRATEGIES -  This is the place to let yourself go, there are no wrong answers. Brainstorm as many ideas, initiatives and strategies as possible that will move your business towards your goals. I am a fan of coloured markers and flip chart paper but whatever gets your creative juices flowing, think outside the square, maybe even team up with another business leader and support each other. While what you do should draw on your strengths and fuel your passions, why you do it, is for someone else. Keep your ideal customer/client front of mind and try to put yourself in their shoes.


Keep it simple, focused and clear. Spend a little time now to double your chances of success for 2018. Need help? Head over to we offer business planning support and love to customise our packages to suit you.



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