The most important question in business!

February 10, 2018

Being successful in business comes down to the key decisions you make. What I have found, through personal experience and working with my clients, is that great decisions start with asking the right questions. Questions challenge our thinking, spark curiosity, create new ideas, fuel conversation and can motivate us to move forward. So what is the best question you can ask yourself, well it starts with WHY!




Why do you do what you do? 

When the going gets tough, and it will, there is one thing that will always keep you going and that is your passion. Connecting to your purpose, or your why,  gives meaning to your passion, it provides clarity and something for you and others to hang on to when you feel like giving up. Your purpose is made up of three important elements. It starts with your beliefs, what is it that you truly believe. Mother Theresa believed that 'no one should be left behind and that everyone should feel wanted and loved', which fuelled her life's work and kept her goal and passion alive. Secondly it is your unique contribution, your special gift, and lastly it is the impact you will have. How will the world be a little better off because you were here. Your business then is the vehicle you choose to live that purpose, the tasks or roles you choose should be your passions, those things that you can't wait to get out of bed to tackle. Why you do what you do, gives you clear direction, sets you apart from your competitors and is one of the most sustainable business strategies there is.



Why does someone need it?

Our decision making process is emotional, handled by the limbic brain region. To help your ideal client make a purchase choice the best thing you can do is appeal to their emotions. You want them to feel something, in that way you make the decision making process all that easier. You will notice that I used the word 'someone' and not the alternative 'people', thats because you need to get specific and decide who it is that you want to talk to, and what is the problem you are solving or the need you are meeting. Too often I see business leaders trying to talk to everyone, when you do that your point becomes vague and people find it hard to see themselves in your message. Your why will help people to connect to your business and know it's for them.



Why would anyone care?

In an ever more crowded market, it is hard to stand out, sharing your purpose provides the opportunity for people to be part of something bigger. Humans are social, built to contribute to our broader communities. Without this our motivation and morale drops and depression can set in. Your business can not be successful in a silo, it needs a community of support. Asking why, connecting to your purpose, and sharing it with people satisfies our needs. It gives you language for your messaging and direction for your growth. So give us something to care about so we can work collectively with you towards something bigger than ourselves.


Asking WHY can be the difference between ordinary and extraordinary. What will you choose?


One of my passions is to help leaders to connect to their purpose, use it to drive their planning and make a habit out of making a difference. Contact me if you want to choose extraordinary


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