Keep swimming - tomorrow's water starts clear!

December 31, 2018


The end of the year is an interesting time for us all. Some of us have been riding the waves of success and will be celebrating a fabulous year and others have been swimming upstream and will be ready to let go of the year with hopes that next year will be better. Regardless of the year you have had, now is a great time to reflect and be grateful, whatever has happened. Every new day brings a fresh start, clear water, so take what you need from today, leave what you don't and keep swimming. 


Tomorrow can be different, and yes maybe you will swim with the tide and maybe you won't but there is always an opportunity for you to learn something, try something, or do something different.  So take some time to pause, be grateful for all that you have faced, and make deliberate choices that will help tomorrow be better than today. It doesn't have to be overwhelming here is a simple 3 step process I often use.


1. KEEP. What one thing worked well for you? You know what, keep doing it, and maybe do even more of it. Too often we focus on what is not working when there are so many things that work and serve us well, and that is the best place to start. Make it a habit and include it in your weekly routine, try scheduling it in your diary for the whole year or putting a reminder on your phone.


2. STOP. Ok this one should be easy given that most of us are our own harshest critics. What is the one thing that you know got in your way? Notice it, observe how it makes you feel or act, and then decide to stop doing it. Breaking a habit is tough so be kind to yourself and set yourself up for success by making a commitment. Whether that means asking someone to keep you honest, making a note for yourself where you will see it, or setting up a reward system for yourself. The key to this one is to stay afloat even when you get water in your goggles.


3. START. What one thing can you do that will make tomorrow better for you? Just one thing. Us human's are quite simple really and we easily become overwhelmed when we add more and more to our lives, so start small. If you could start doing one thing that would make a difference tomorrow what would it be? Now that you have a long list, choose one thing. Where is your energy, what do you feel the most drawn to, decide to start doing that one thing. Now bring it to life, put it in your diary, commit in writing somewhere, share it with a trusted friend and start.


Whether today was amazing or crappy, working on a better tomorrow ensures we keep moving forward, stroke after stroke. Be present and accept your responses and their outcomes, celebrate the wins, take the lessons and let go of the rest. And always remember to keep swimming because tomorrow always starts with clear water!



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