We lead with strength and kindness. 

Working with Leaders Change Room will help your leaders to:
  • Build trust with those around them
  • Stop doing all the work and empower their team to do the work instead
  • Create relationships built on strength and kindness
  • Foster a sense of community amongst hybrid teams
  • Achieve consistent results
  • Get rid of the overwhelm by using their time wisely
  • Be confident people leaders even when its tough

Leaders Change Room works with organisations that have a social conscience and their leadership teams to grow the next generation of strong and kind leaders. 


"We decided to use Justine to deliver leadership training and coaching to senior leaders at John Hunter Hospital as Justine had extensive experience working with a range of industries and she herself also had real operational experience leading large and complex services. Justine came highly recommended as an engaging, knowledgeable and focused consultant who would tailor her program to meet the individual needs of the participants."

- Leanne Johnson, (former) Executive General Manager/Director, John Hunter Hospital

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